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3 remote teaching resources during COVID-19

Remote versus face-to-face. Which teaching style do you prefer?

As the Founder and Director of one of Australia’s largest independent food and fibre education platforms [From Paddock to Plate], 2020 has challenged us to develop more remote-friendly school resources with easy-to-use online functionality.

Teachers worldwide had little time to prepare before the virus spread its reach to all corners of the globe, and who are now searching frantically for ready-to-use and quality remote teaching materials that can replace, or certainly complement, the curriculum they had mapped out for the year.

While my remote teaching experiences extend as far as the yoga mat, I too have realised the necessity to adapt my teaching styles to accommodate the screen time shared with my yoga students. Verbal instruction dominates physical demonstration to avoid yogis contorting their bodies in ridiculously uncomfortable positions just so they can see the screen and potentially a get a glimpse of how the pose should look. My morning routine now includes a salt water gargle to appease a husky voice.

Here are three From Paddock to Plate (FP2P) food education resources that we have put together in the last month for primary and high school students, to help you teach and learn, minus the classroom.

  • Fillable online worksheets ideal for homework projects following a viewing of the respective From Paddock to Plate Virtual Video Excursions. Students can download, complete and submit the comprehension questions online. The teacher can mark the homework and return to the student (you guessed it) online.
  • Podcast Packs that include a transcript of each From Paddock to Plate Virtual Video Excursion and a Profile Q&A piece on the interviewee. Students are provided a guide on how to create their own podcasts using the resources provided.
  • Master Class series that champions business and life skills and led by young entrepreneurs running international companies, and award-winning authors and journalists. Students learn how to write a business plan, learn the customer-first approach, and tactics for prototyping, branding and building awareness. They discover how to budget and communicate effectively, and learn tips to help prepare for a job interview.

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Louise FitzRoy is the Founder and Director of From Paddock to Plate, a food schools program and Australia’s leading independent food education provider.

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