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I am very excited to announce the launch of the FREE national Paddock to Plate App!

It is the first App of its kind that allows users to find local farmers who produce the ingredients needed to make specific recipes.
Choose a recipe, tap the farmer icon beside an ingredient, and all the local farmers who produce this food in the region will pop up on a map, identifying their proximity to your current location. Click on each farmer to learn more about how they produce their food, contact them with questions and find all their locations of sale including farm gates, farmers’ markets, grocery stores and supermarkets.
The Paddock to Plate App directs more people to direct lines of sale, reduces food miles, boosts local businesses and provides you, the consumer, with fresh flavoursome ingredients that you have full traceability of with the ability to contact the producer to learn more.
Every local council in Australia has been contacted to promote the Paddock to Plate App through their relevant visitor information and tourism centres, accommodation and cafes and restaurants.
Please find a poster below to distribute to your tourism and food networks. Encourage visitors and community members to download the App to ensure greater promotion of your farmers who feature on the device.
We invite you to talk to your farming and food communities about the benefits of being on the App including increased publicity, sales and marketing to a new audience both locally and nationally.
Don’t let your local producers miss out this amazing opportunity!
A 12-month subscription for each farmer is $95 + GST, which is about $8 a month or close to $1.80 a week.
You can choose to sponsor a group of your producers to be on the App or they can sign up independently.
All you need to do is call or email me: 0421 578 969 / louise@frompaddocktoplate.com.au
Thank you to Kubota, a proud supporter of From Paddock to Plate. Let’s continue to support our Australian farmers and enjoy the fresh and flavoursome food on offer in our beautiful country!

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