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Pete Evans’ nutritional daily habits

pete-evans-300x250Pete Evans is an award-winning Australian chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, TV presenter and health coach. He also volunteers his time as an Australian Organic ambassador promoting organics in schools and the community.

You might know him as the co-host of Chanel 7’s My Kitchen Rules.

The man who has cooked for Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Elton John, Martha Stewart and U2 has just finished filming a television series calledMoveable Feast in Australia and the United States.

The show, set to air in September this year, features some of the world’s leading health experts, pioneering scientists and physicians, international best selling authors and inspiring chefs and cooks. It also features a number of growers who are certified with Australian Certified Organic.

I caught up with Pete and asked about his philosophy, which is simple. “I don’t eat sugar, gluten, wheat or other grains, dairy, or animals that haven’t been humanely raised and allowed to live a natural life.

“A couple of years ago I began studying nutrition so I could have a clearer understanding of how the digestive system works and what foods allow the body to function at an optimum level. Everything I studied and all the latest research pointed me in the direction of trying a paleo-style1 diet. I eliminated everything that wasn’t providing nourishment. The results were astounding. I enjoyed renewed health and vitality like never before.

“My staple ingredients include extra-virgin coconut oil. It’s all I cook with – the proven health benefits are so great and its structure remains stable when heated – apple cider vinegar for health benefits as well as fantastic flavour, salt flakes, coconut water – it’s so refreshing – green olives for salads and fermented vegetables for their natural probiotics,” says Pete.

Beautiful symmetry

Pete says there is a beautiful symmetry between a paleo lifestyle and supporting organic growing methods.

“This is because paleo is all about fresh, organic, unprocessed foods, which means it’s environmentally friendly and sustainable.

“One of the most important philosophies of eating paleo is choosing ethically raised, organic, free range, local meat, game and poultry, which in my mind is paramount.

“Paleo also encourages people to form relationships with the dedicated organic growers who provide all our nutritious food, to show gratitude and support for produce that has been raised or grown with principled methods,” he says.

Pete is part owner of an organic health and wellness store aptly named BU Organics in Bondi Junction (BU stands for ‘be you’). It’s stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, lacto-fermented foods, pastured meats, grains, teas and of course loads of coconuts! All produce is certified organic or wild crafted (harvested from natural or ‘wild’ habitat). It is here that Pete runs monthly healthy cooking classes.

Pete’s top 5 nutritional daily habits are simple

1. I always hydrate my body upon waking.

I drink around a litre of filtered room temperature water with a little lemon juice or some raw apple cider vinegar over a period of about 30–45 minutes.

I continue to remain hydrated throughout the day, but I make sure I drink as much water as possible away from meals so I’m not diluting my natural digestive enzymes by drinking too much when I eat.

2. I meditate and breathe to relax and re-energise my mind and body.

I find my focus is nowhere near as clear without daily meditation. It’s a practice I truly value and I highly recommend it.

3. I move my body.

Fun exercise is something I look forward to and it’s another way to energise my mind and body. I like to mix it up. Sometimes I surf or go for a brisk walk over the headland with my partner, Nic. Sometimes I’ll just do pull-ups, sit-ups, planks and push-ups in my garage while I listen to some funky music.

4. I nourish my body with a paleo-stye diet.

I follow a diet based on an understanding of evolutionary science that has been proven to be the ultimate way for humans to survive and thrive.

So I eat fresh, organic, unprocessed food, including plenty of seasonal, fibrous vegetables (including fermented/cultured vegetables), loads of fresh and dried herbs and spices, ethically raised, organic, free range, 100% grass fed meat, game and poultry, organic eggs, sustainable, wild-caught fish and seafood and a balanced amount of nuts, seeds and low fructose fruit such as avocadoes and berries. I can create delectable dishes with all the incredible ingredients that nature provides, which is a wonderfully sustainable, traditional, truly nutrient-rich way to eat and one that scientific research backs up.

5. I give and receive unconditional love!

You can be doing everything right as far as nutrition and exercise goes, but if you’re not taking responsibility for yourself and your life and experiencing fulfilling relationships, you’re missing out on serious heart-felt nourishment. It’s important to remove the negative relationships and energy from your life and to nurture the positive ones!

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