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2023 IS THE YEAR FOR MILLET 13th July, 2022

Remember when we were once asking, “What’s quinoa?” Move over quinoa, as there’s a new ancient grain on the block about to change the world for the better. In this Small Bite, we talk about why 2023 has been crowned the International Year of Millet by the United Nations. Feeling inspired to cook with millet? View our favourite online millet grocery supplies below. ** Anthony’s Organic Hulled Millet (buy) Red Millet


In this Small Bite, we find answers to the most commonly asked questions about spelt. Hesitate no more when reaching for your next bag of spelt flour or pasta when doing your grocery shopping. Let us save you even more time and check out our favourite online spelt products below. Yupik Organic Kernels, Spelt, 2.2 lb: https://amzn.to/3GpscGv Great River Organic Milling, Whole Grain, Hulled Spelt, Organic, 25-Pounds (Pack of 1):

LEARN HOW TO LIVE LONGER 16th December, 2021

Do you want to know the secret to living a long and fulfilling life? The bad news is there’s not a magic pill, however the great news is that there are so many things you can be doing right now to point you in the right direction. I managed to pull Kale Brock (who is not a fan of the leafy green kale as much as he is for the

TRAIN MUSTER DOGS 13th December, 2021

“If the ground’s hot, run from cow pat to cow pat. Just try to avoid the wet ones.” The first thing I read when I opened Aticia Grey’s new book, Muster Dogs. And I thought, what a resourceful 8-year old growing up on a cattle station in the Pilbara. There’s not many uses for cow pats, but this is a good one; and immediately gave me an insight into the

SKILLS TO SUN MAPPING 29th November, 2021

Calm, collected and oozing absolute dedication to her commitment to help protect the environment, support sustainable actions and inspire “permit principals”. Meet Koren Helbig. She’s done it it all. From political reporting to heading up the national Milkwood marketing team, Koren’s interests are plenty. In this From Paddock to Plate episode we explore where you can source subsidised worm farms and discover podcasts that offer “slow action” motivation. Find out

UNCOVER THE DIRT 22nd October, 2021

Confused about where your food comes from? Join us on this intrepid adventure as we tap into the FP2P Network in search of real life experiences straight from the paddock that will inspire you to think more about what you eat and the fibre you wear.

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