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School program offers more healthy lifestyle resources

SCHOOL students will have have a better insight into the process of food production thanks to a new set of resources made available for 2017.

From Paddock to Plate, the program which brings commercial agriculture concepts into the classroom, has prepared material for the new school year including videos, recipes, an app and worksheets.

The national FP2P Schools Program was launched in 2014 and is a one-stop shop to learn about where food comes from in a variety of different industries, on a variety of topics, using a variety of resources, covering the entire Australian Curriculum for years five to 10 students in seven different subjects – English, science, geography, design & technologies, food technology, home economics and agriculture.

The exclusive materials will include a three-part film series on careers in agriculture, a food waste “virtual excursion” and a video on Australia’s first locally grown and commercially sold frozen berries.

This special footage will be added to the other nine FP2P videos being accessed online by hundreds of teachers and students across Australia.

From Paddock to Plate (FP2P) founder and director, Louise FitzRoy, said the demand for food is expected to double in the next 35 years and therefore we need to act now and provide resources to educate the next generations.

“I believe food and farming education is essential for every student no matter what subjects they elect to study,” Ms FitzRoy said.

“Growing up on an Australian farm, I have been fortunate to have access to delicious local, fresh and bountiful produce and in developing these resources, hope to provide a value based and effective learning platform for teachers and students Australia wide.”

“If you are a year eight science teacher, for example, just take out a section of your current curriculum and insert the relevant FP2P curriculum.

“You’ll still be meeting the learning requirements of that subject and year level, however also teaching your students about where their food comes from and giving them the opportunity to consider careers that they may have never otherwise.”

“Imagine achieving all of our FP2P objectives without the expense of textbooks and costly farm visits,” Ms FitzRoy said.

“Over 400 FP2P resources are available online with one school login that provides unlimited access to all of the materials for teachers and students at the school during the 12-month subscription period. That’s great value.”

A 12-month subscription to the national FP2P Schools Program costs $450 + GST. Teachers can sign up online or e-mail a subscription request: louise@frompaddocktoplate.com.au

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