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What did you eat for breakfast?

Do you eat breakfast?Do you care? What would your reaction be if there were no bananas, eggs, tomatoes, milk or even oats to make your breakfast?

Don’t laugh. This could happen. And it’s more likely to happen if we don’t support the farmers who produce the food that we eat everyday. Imagine Instagram without people posting photos of their breakfast…some would argue it would never be the same!

A simple change could make all the difference. It begins with giving your students the opportunity to learn where their food comes from.

This issue is relevant to all teachers and each of you has an important role in educating our next generation of leaders.

We know you’re busy and that’s why we’ve taken the Year 7 Geography curriculum and written our own lesson plans to meet all learning criteria. Just swap sections of your current material with the coinciding From Paddock to Plate resources and voila! You have added food education into your lessons with no extra work.

Can this be true? Is it really possible to teach Geography while also teaching dairy production, growing wheat and harvesting almonds, as well as considering food waste and careers in agriculture, all at the same time? In the one class? In the one lesson?

YES, and it’s unique to the From Paddock to Plate Schools Program.

And not just Year 7 Geography. The Program covers Years 7 – 10 Geography, Science, English, Design & Technologies, and Food Technology, Home Economics and Agriculture subjects.

Go on, I dare you. Imagine adopting a resource that can be used simultaneously in 28 different classes at your school. How many students is that…surely well over 100? How many textbooks would be needed by 100 students in 4 different year levels, across 7 different subjects?

If you’ve still got the calculator out, now work what it would cost to purchase all those textbooks for your school.

Have I got your ATTENTION? One 12-month From Paddock to Plate Schools Program subscription costs $450 + GST. That’s all.

Your school will have access to 9 entertaining videos, 126 teacher manuals, 108 comprehension worksheets, over 50 recipes and certificates that can be used by over 100 students…there’s no better time to inspire your students and embrace and drive change to make a difference.


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